Timeless Art of Bonsai

Timeless Art of Bonsai


JUN 29TH @ 10AM

In this workshop you'll learn to appreciate the art of Bonsai, while learning to cultivate your own!

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The Timeless Art of Bonsai

Many are familiar with the name Bonsai.  Fewer people can tell you what it stands for.  This class has become a favorite in recent years.  The timeless art of Bonsai was one of the most requested workshops of 2018. 

In this enjoyable workshop we'll learn about the Timeless Art of Bonsai creation.  Learn about one of the oldest gardening art forms that exists.  We'll learn to identify some of the various styles of bonsai as well as a few of the rules that go with creating the art pieces known as Bonsai. 

The best part is, you'll get to make your own.  We'll have all the materials you'll need to make and take home your very own work of art!

What you'll get;

·         Plant specimen

·         leaf pruning sheers

Choose from a selection of Bonsai pots (not included in registration), and we'll teach you how to properly wire and train your bonsai into one of the various styles.  You'll work with wire and perform stem manipulation, do some pruning, and go home with a beautiful Bonsai specimen for your home.

This is one workshop you will not want to miss!