About Us

About Us

Handy Andy's Nursery Location (Picture Taken in Summer of 2015)

Handy Andy's Nursery Location (Picture Taken in Summer of 2015)

Some Quick Facts:

  • Handy Andy's Nursery has been in the same location, since it was established in 1952.

  • Handy Andy's Nursery was established by Sue & Andy Manz of Williston.

  • Lyle & Dorothy Kuester purchased Handy Andy's Nursery in 1996.

  • Lyle Kuester worked for Sue & Andy in his youth.

For the yard you’ll love to come home to.
— Lyle Kuester

Learn More About Us:

To learn more about us, check out this video interview conducted by Dirk Monson in a series he did in 2009 titled "Entrepreneurship On The Prairie"

Throughout the video you can see what we looked like in "the good old days". 

In 2012 we began a renovation project that is still continuing.  Along with the building renovation we made several changes in our selection of products and our inventory.

What We Offer:

Our selection of plant products is extremely diverse! Our variety ranges from Trees to Shrubs.  And from Annuals to Perennials.  We also offer a diverse selection of Vegetable Starts in Spring as well as fresh Herbs.  In addition to products meant for outdoors, we also have a growing selection of plants for indoors.  Tropical foliage can really enhance a room.  We pride ourselves in having some of the most diverse and exotic indoor plants available, as well as those common varieties you've come to love.

What Makes Us Different?

How THEY Do It:

Many nurseries or garden centers do not grow their product themselves.  All box stores purchase their 4 pack products from wholesale growers located around the country.  That product often travels great distances on its way to you.  You have no idea the origin or how your product has been cared for during the start of its life.

How We Do It:

Here, we grow nearly 50% of our annual flowers from seed, in house, and on location.  ALL of our vegetable starts are grown from seed, directly by us.  This ensures a healthy and hardy plant for our climate.  It also ensures that our products are free of harmful pesticide and herbicide residues that are concerns people have for their vegetable gardens.

Hybrids & Royalties:

The decorative plant industry has many large scale hybridizers that produce Brand Name plant products.  Some of you may be familiar with the Proven Winners brand of plants.  Most of these hybrids are patented by growers and require a royalty fee in order for us to buy and sell them.

These plants we cannot start ourselves.  We instead bring in small rooted cuttings of these plants and put them into pots to grow for finish sale to you.