photography policy

Are you interested in having photos TAKEN or in TAKING photos at our Nursery. Please read and or direct your photographer to the information below and fill out the online form for a photo permit (free) to be issued to you for the date you plan to visit us.

Professional photographers must provide a certificate of liability insurance before their application is approved.

Whether the intent of your shoot is for;

  • Self-interest

  • Profit

  • Commercial use

The following guidelines apply to you:

  • Check in with someone to provide proof of or verify your reserved photo permit

  • Be respectful of customer traffic and work activities - please stay out of the way.

  • Do not take photos of random people without their permission

  • Be mindful of restroom time should you need a changing area, we only have one.

  • Do not disturb displays of merchandise OR plants.

  • Wear shoes and appropriate clothing at all times

  • Do not climb ladders, stand on benches, display pieces, tables, or ride on shopping carts.

  • Keep children with you at all times

  • Keep animals on a leash during their visit.

  • Please present photo subjects and material in a positive manner.

  • Be nice to our cats, their names are Oreo(Muse), Callie, and Fritz.

  • Take time to shop, perhaps even buy something. This IS free after all.

Publishing photos online & social media

Venue credit and location tags are required for ALL digital images used on social media (Private pages AND individual profiles), blogs, websites, and any print materials used for distribution. You can easily find our website, and social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Hours and Availability:

Photo shoots must occur DURING regular business hours.

Photo shoots during the months of May and June will be accommodated during limited hours:
Mon - Fri 9am to 11am and 5pm to 7pm. **You might be required to park off-site.**


whether professional or private individual:

Please complete the application form below:

Client (Family) Name *
Client (Family) Name
Photographer's Name
Please list all known sites.
Phone of Contact *
Phone of Contact
Requested Date *
Requested Date
Time *
I have read and agree to the above terms as listed on this site. *

If you are found taking photos without a photo permit OR if at any time during any shoot circumstances arise that become a concern to the management of Handy Andy’s Nursery you may be asked to leave.