Below you'll find a list of workshops and seminars we'll be offering. 

We're looking forward to sharing all of these exciting topics with you!

Saturday Sessions begin at 10AM
Weeknight Sessions begin at 7PM

Download a PDF printout of these workshops here;


There will be costs associated with most workshops.  Usually a portion of the registration fee will be redeemable the day of the workshop toward a portion of the project you will make or some other opportunity made available only to the participants of the workshop.

participant limit:

In the attempt to keep these events as hands on as possible there will be a participant cap for most workshop sessions.  This will help to ensure that we are available to all participants for any aid they need associated with each topic.  Usually this cap will be an attendance of 15 participants but some sessions may be larger.


Generally we will have available all materials needed for each project.  Some materials may be an additional charge over and above the registration fee. 

You may ALWAYS bring materials you already have for use in any workshops.