Little Sprouts

little sprouts

2019 should be an exciting year.  Our workshops and events for adults have become a favorite way to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon.  For several years we’ve had the periodic question “Don’t you have any workshops for kids?”  Well, we thought we’d better give it a try.  Starting in January 2019 we’re rolling out a year’s worth of monthly events just for kids!



Little Sprouts is a program designed for grades 1 through 4.  (Approximate age of 6 to 10 yr. olds)  We’ve always enjoyed sharing the world of plants with our adult students and now we’re excited at the opportunity to introduce the next generation of gardeners to the wonderful world of plants!

The goal of the Little Sprouts program is to get kids excited about gardening!

This program consists of monthly activity sessions about plants.  Each month we’ll have an activity, look at some pictures, and maybe watch a video or two about plants.  Then we’ll have an opportunity to make a project that pertains to what we’re learning about.  And lastly we’ll send them home with ways and ideas for them to “go further” with this topic.

We will require a minimum of 5 students in order to hold a session.


Registration for each month’s event begins on the First day of the month.  You can register by visiting the store, or by using our website.  We will close registration by the 10th of each month to make sure we can prepare all the materials we will need.

We’ll meet on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 3:30 in the afternoon.  Our sessions will last between an hour and an hour and a half (60 to 90 minutes).

Visit the Little Sprouts Store to see what’s coming up in the next few weeks or download the flyer with the full year’s events by clicking on the photo on the right.



Where, you say?  Why at Handy Andy’s of course!  We’ll start out each session by checking in with someone in the classroom.  From there, depending on the time of year and the weather, we’ll explore the entire grounds.  Sometimes we may spend our activity in the back courtyard, in a greenhouse looking at plants, or among our trees.  We’ll always finish our session back in the classroom.


Our goal is to get the next generation of people excited about the growing of plants.  There are many reasons to be excited about plants; for fun, for food, and just to enjoy nature.


Each session we’ll encourage you to check in your child with us in our classroom and there you can leave them with us while you get a break.  We will have adults present as instructors and care providers.  At the end of the session we also would ask that you come in and pick up your child to take them home.  At no time will we recommend that the kids be in the parking lot without an adult present.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can my younger child attend these events?

Children mature at different levels and rates.  We are not going to turn you away and would rather you (the parent) make that judgement call.  If your younger child is comfortable being away from you for that length of time and they have good dexterity with regard to using a pencil and other hand utensils such as scissors feel free to register them for the event.

You may also choose to do what some have one, and have siblings come to the event together. Lastly, you may choose to stay if you wish to help your child.


Does your child have an allergy such as a bee sting?  If so we would recommend that you send their emergency epi-pen with them to the event.  Those who work here on a daily basis generally do not experience stings or issues with pesky insects but accidents can happen.  We will of course require contact information from you so that we can reach you if an emergency would occur. 

Will there be a snack or food provided?

Since we are meeting at the time that we will meet, there will not be a snack provided as part of the fee.  If your child does need to eat during this time we would ask that you send something with them in their bag or their pocket.

Do I have to register for the full 12 sessions?

No, you may register for sessions you are interested in.  In an attempt to offer you a price break we have provided ticket packages (punch-cards) as an option to lower the cost of events by buying more than one ticket.  These tickets however must be spent this calendar year.