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About Workshops



Below you'll find a list of workshops and seminars we'll be offering. 

We're looking forward to sharing all of these exciting topics with you!

Saturday am Sessions begin at 10AM
saturday pm sessions begin at 2pm
Weeknight Sessions begin at 7PM

Below you can download a PDF of the workshops that we offered last winter.  We want YOUR input!  If there are gardening topics you want to learn about.  Or a workshop that you missed out on.  Let us know!
Download a PDF printout of 2017'
s workshops here;


There will be costs associated with most workshops.  Usually a portion of the registration fee will be redeemable the day of the workshop toward a portion of the project you will make or some other opportunity made available only to the participants of the workshop.

participant limit:

In the attempt to keep these events as hands on as possible there will be a participant cap for most workshop sessions.  This will help to ensure that we are available to all participants for any aid they need associated with each topic.  Usually this cap will be an attendance of 15 - 20 participants


Generally we will have available all materials needed for each project.  Some materials may be an additional charge over and above the registration fee. 

You may ALWAYS bring materials you already have for use in any workshops.

To register for one of our current workshops, click here.


When we initially began doing workshops we waited to receive payment on the day of the workshop.  However many people neglected to mark their calendars and remember to come.  This left us unable to offer spots to individuals who would liked to have attended but did not register early enough.  We are now requiring that a registration fee be paid before we will count you registered for the workshop.


Oh no!  Something has come up, and I cannot attend on the date that I signed up for. 

Our policy for advanced notice cancellations is as follows.  We understand that life happens and sometimes unexpectedly.  We obviously prefer to know as soon as possible if you will be unable to attend the workshop. 

**If you are unable to attend the session you've signed up for and you contact us a week or more before the event:**

Option One:
W would like to offer to fit you in to another session of the same topic that is offered at another date. 
If that is not a possibility...

Option Two:
Then we would like to provide you with the goods that you would have received as part of your registration fee. 
You will be responsible for picking up those items within a week after the date of the workshop.

Option Three:
If you have contacted us more than a week before the event and you are coming from out of town or are traveling a distance and are unable to make it within a week to pick up your materials, we are willing to offer you credit towards another workshop at a later date. 

**Redemption of the workshop credit must occur within 4 months of the date of the original workshop otherwise the registration fee will be forfeit.**

no shows & not staying:

If you do not show up to the workshop or show up but have decided not to stay for the session your registration fee is non-refundable.  We will not be able to offer you any compensation for your loss.  Our workshops are very popular and often can include a waiting list and when we are not notified in advance and cannot contact those who would have liked to attend we are out the opportunity to offer that to our customers.

There are obviously extenuating circumstances for not attending and the provisions that will be made for those will be left up to the decision of Handy Andy's Nursery.