Ribes / Currant

Ribes / currant

There are many plants that fit into this category.  All currants as well as gooseberry are in this Genus.  See our variety of currant below.

Alpine Currant

Height:  3 - 5 ft
Spread:  5 - 6 ft
Foliage:  Green
Fall Foliage:  Insignificant
Zone:  2 - 7


Ribes alpinum

Dense glossy leafed shrub suitable for hedges in open or shady area. Small greenish flowers in April-May. Responsive to shearing. A Bailey Nurseries selection highly resistant to summer blight. Sun or shade.  Responds very well to pruning and shaping.


Border or Short Hedge, Accent Plant, Foundation Plant, 

The optimal pruning time for this shrub is in late winter or early spring before new growth emerges, however there are no significant flowers of interest produced by this plant so pruning at any time will not affect it's landscape performance.  Regular sheering is recommended for use as a hedge.