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Rhamnus / Buckthorn

rhamnus / buckthorn

There are several varieties of Buckthorn available.  We generally only carry one.  A Proven Winner introduction.  See below.

Fine Line® Buckthorn

Height:  5 - 7 ft
Spread:  2 - 3 ft
Foliage:  Rich Green
Fall Foliage:  Insignificant
Zone:  2 - 7


Rhamnus frangula 'Ron Williams'

Fine Line® combines the fern-like foliage of 'Asplenifolia' with the narrow upright habit of 'Columnaris'. May be used to create a narrow hedge or screen, or as an accent specimen or in a patio container. This non-invasive cultivar is a responsible replacement for the older weedy varieties. Developed by Ron Williams of Scenic View Nursery in Wisconsin.


Accent Plant, Focal Point, Hedge or Border, Xeriscape Plant, Container Shrub,