7945 - SDS PEP ANAHEIM.jpg


Very pungent. Long, tapered dark green fruits 7" long by 1-1.5" wide turning red when ripe. Popular in Chile, this medium hot fruit is deep green but turns red at full maturity. Excellent used fresh, dried, or frozen. 3000 Scovilles.

Cayenne - pep ht heirloom 70 days 6 x .5 in 5000 scov - 7952.jpg

cayenne (long slim red)

Long skin, 6 x .5" green fruits turning red when mature. Slender, twisted, elongated peppers are fiery hot. An essential ingredient in many spicy foods, they can be used fresh or dried. Green fruits mature to red. For pickles, canning or drying. 5000 Scovilles.

PEP HOT - GIANT RISTRA - F1 - AAS 2014 - 80 DAY - 7 IN LONG 30 - 50000 SCOV - 8061.jpg

giant ristra

F-1 Hybrid

(All America Winner 2014)

Heavily yield of bright red very hot 7" chile peppers. Has the appearance of a Marconi but the spicyness of a Cayenne. Fruits can either be consumed fresh, roasted or diced and used as a herb. As it name states it can be strung together in long bunches and dried and displayed and used thoughout the winter months. Makes a very attractive large container plant. 30000 - 50000 Scovilles.

SUPER CHILI HOT - AAS 1988 - 75 DAY 2.5 X 1.5 FRUIT, 80,000 SCOV - 7937.jpg

super chili

F-1 Hybrid

(All America Winner - 1988)

A hybrid producing 2.5” x 1.5" cone shaped, elongated green fruit, turning red at full maturity. Semi-compact habit, well branched, heavy producer of very hot fruits. One of the most pungent chili peppers. Grows in upright clusters, turns orange, then ripens to red. Ideal for containers on the patio or windowsill. Often used in Thai and Asian dishes. 80000 Scovilles.

TABASCO - 2 IN LONG X 1.5 IN YEL-GRN TO RED - 50,000 SCOV - 7915.jpg


A high yielding, very hot and pungent flavored 2" long peppers that develop from yellow-green to red when fully mature. A tall plant; fruits grow almost erect from all branches. 50000 Scovilles.

THAI HOT - 70 DAY - 1 IN X 0.5 IN - 35,000 SCOV - 7988.jpg

thai hot

Very hot variety. Small, slim dark green peppers that are about 1" long. When mature, they will ripen to a bright red and are very hot. Both colors appear on the plant at the same time, making this variety ornamental as well as edible. Thin-fleshed peppers are ideal in Asian dishes. A heavy producer of fruits. 35000 Scovilles.