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Areca Palm are also called Butterfly Palm and Cane Palm. These palms should not be put near a draft of any kind. Areca like bright light but not direct sunlight so they can be in a room with a window but not put directly in front of a window. They need a well draining, aerated soil.

* Information taken from House Plants Expert *

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Majesty Palms like to be able to retain their moisture but do not want to sit in water. If the fronds start turning brown, it needs more water and if they turn yellow, it needs less water. Majesty like full sun. Majesty like to have humidity around them so having them by a humidifier is good; you can also spray the fronds every now and again to increase the humidity around the plant.

* Information taken from Gardenologist *


Ponytail should be a few feet away from a window. They like six hour so sunlight a day and should be rotated every few months. Ponytail Palms do not need to be watered often- once every couple of weeks.

* Information taken from Joy Us Garden *

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Sago Palms like bright, indirect light. The soil should be kept moist. Watering around the crown in not advised as this will make the plant rot. In the winter, Sago can be watered less. Sago needs well draining and aerated soil.

* Information taken from House Plants Expert *

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Yucca like to have full sun light so being near a west window is best. Yucca like to have loose, well draining soil. Yucca should be watered consistently but should never be left to sit in water. They can be watered more sporadically in winter time.

* Information from The Spruce *

Photos taken from Google Images