THe Many marigolds

Inca Series II

Height : 12-14”

Large 4” double flowers. Very heat tolerant with outstanding garden performance! Above photos show available varieties.

The Lady Series

Height: 16-18"

Large 3-4" double carnation flowered blooms. Food weather tolerance and uniform growth habit.

- First Lady Yellow

- Orange

Marigold Vanilla.jpg


Height: 16"

Attractive creamy-white color with 2.5-3" flowers. A major improvement over previously introduced strains of white marigolds. Looks gorgeous in containers.

boy series

Height: 8-10"

Large, 2" double flowers. An early, improved large flowered version of the Petite Series. Free-flowering, uniform compact growing habit. Outstanding garden performance.

- Yellow

Marigold Durango Red.jpg

durango series

Height: 12-14"

Totally upgraded series! Early flowering, large anemone-type flowers. Uniform habit with base-branching habit.

- Flame

safari series marigold.jpg

safari series

Height: 8-10"

Large 3" Sophia-type flowers. Excellent garden performance.

- Scarlet

queen sophia marigold.jpg

sophia queen

Height: 8-10"

Large 2.5-3" reddish-gold flowers completely cover the very uniform, compact growing plants. Very free-flowering and will bloom until frost.

*Information taken from Germania Seed Company*