Hemerocallis (Daylily)

Daylily / Hemerocallis

Daylily comes from two words, beauty and day in Greek. This is because each bloom lasts one day. The flowering time of each clump on a daylily is several weeks though as there are many blooms together on the stocks. Daylilies are the “perfect perennial”. They will go in any landscape, can have a range of care, and come in a variety of colors. Daylilies like a minimum of six hours of sun a day. Darker daylily varieties to fine with more shade as their dark leaves soak up more sun and do not tolerate all that heat as well.

-American Daylily Society

little grapette.jpg

little grapette

Bloom color: Purple

Height: 12”

Spread: 18”-24”

Zone: 3-9

Great for the front of a landscape and blooms early to mid summer.

mini stella.jpg

mini stella

Flower color: Yellow

Height: 12”-15”

Spread: 12”-20”

Zone: 3-9

Has upward facing flowers, blooms earlier than many other varieties, and re-blooms throughout the summer.

pardon me daylily.jpg

Pardon me

Bloom color: Cranberry Red

Height: 18”

Spread: 14”-24”
Zone: 3-9

Fragrant mid-season bloomer and can re-bloom.


rocket city

Bloom color: Orange

Height: 36”

Spread: 24” - 36”
Zone: 3-9

Bittersweet orange to burnt orange eyes. Midseason bloomer.

ruby stella hemerocallis.JPG

ruby stella

Bloom color: Deep Scarlet

Height: 25”-27”

Spread: 18” -24”
Zone: 4-8

Re-blooms during the season.


stella de oro

Bloom color: Golden

Height: 15”

Spread: 14” -24”
Zone: 3-9

Blooms June to frost

stella supreme.jpg

stella supreme

Bloom color: yellow

Height: 14”

Spread: 18” - 24”
Zone: 3-9

Has a citrus smell, blooms midsummer and is a re-bloomer.