Forsythia (For syth 'e' yah)

A truly unique Genus of shrubs, these Forsythia flower BEFORE they leaf out.  Starting in Mid April you will see these shrubs erupt with beautiful bright yellow colorful flowers.  After the flowers have come and faded, the leaves emerge a rich green and remain throughout the summer.  In the fall this shrub again puts on a dramatic show with rich yellow to purple fall color.  

Height:  8 - 10 ft
Spread:  6 - 10 ft
Foliage:  Green
Fall Foliage:  Yellow
Zone:  3 - 8


cultivated name of this plant

Forsythia 'Meadowlark'

In collaboration with the Agricultural Experiment Station of North Dakota, South Dakota and the Arnold Arboretum, this hybrid forsythia was developed for the Northern Plains. A shrub with superior flower-bud hardiness and showy, bright yellow spring flowers, its flower buds are hardy to - 35°F. It will perform best in full sun.


Hedge, screen, border, mass planting,