The Ficus Family

Ficus Alii.jpg


Alii means king in Hawaiian. Alii and Benjamina are closely related but the Alii is much more tolerant and forgiving. You can move the Alii without it going in to shock and she can tolerate lower levels of light. New leaves on the Alii are red-bronze and then turn green as they mature. Alii should be rotated weekly to keep light consistent around the plant.

* Information from House Plant 411

Ficus benghalensis 'Audrey'.jpg


Audrey likes bright indirect light. She will not tolerate low light or direct light for long periods. Audrey can go directly in an eastern window or a few feet away from a southern or western window. Let the soil dry down about two to three inches before watering her again. Audrey does not like do be near drafts. A beginner to the house plant world may struggle with her.

*Information from Greenery Unlimited



Benjamina is closely related to the Alii ficus; however, it is very fickle and finicky. This is not a ficus for the beginner in the house plant world. Benjamina likes to have consistent watering every ten to fourteen days. In the winter, you can water less frequently. Make sure that the first two to three inches of soil are dry before watering again.

*Information taken from Gardening Know How


Elastica / Rubber Plant

Rubber plants do fine with lower light. They do not like to be near drafts. Rubber plants do not like direct light. They prefer a well draining soil. If you over water a Rubber Plant, the leaves will turn yellow.

*Information from House Plants Expert.

Fiddle leaf fig.jpg

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig or Finicky Leaf Fig is a very popular house plant. Fiddle Leaf Figs do not like drafts, too wet soil, too dry soil, too much sun, not enough sun, or dry air. Having a humidifier near by is recommended to help Fiddle Leaf Fig thrive or mist the leaves regularly.

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