It’s a fern’s world

Bird's Nest Fern.jpg

Bird’s Nest

Bird’s Nest Ferns do not like to be in direct light. They will get scorched leaves from the sunlight. Bird’s Nest like moist soil but not soggy soil; so they cannot sit in water. Watering around the edge of the pot is preferred rather than on top of the rosette as this will make it stagnate.

*Asplenium Nidus

*Information from House Plants Expert



Staghorns are epiphytes which means that they grow best in the air, not the soil. They can grow in the soil but prefer to grow where the air can circulate around them. Staghorns like bright indirect light so do not like being in a window. It can be near an east window or if in a southern or western exposure, needs to be at least ten feet away. They like to be kept moist but not wet. The fronds on the base are not dead, they are shields for the plant, do not remove them.

* Information from Nell from Joy Us Garden



Boston Ferns like filtered indirect light. They also like higher humidity so bathrooms are and okay place to have a small Boston Fern. Boston Ferns like to have moist soil but not soggy soil. Being near a vent or draft is not ideal for this fern.

* Information from House Plants Expert and The Spruce

*Nephrolepis Exaltata 'Bostoniensis

Kimberly Queen.jpg

Kimberly Queen

Kimberly Queens like to be near a humidifier or spray the fronds every once in a while to increase the humidity around the plant. They also like medium light. Kimberly Queen likes to be evenly moist. The top two inches of soil should be dry before watering this fern again.

* Information from Bloomscape