Mass Cane

Mass Cane can be put in hallways or corners and are fine with low light. They can go in sunnier places as well. Mass Cane like to be watered once a week as they like to have moist soil, not soggy. Mass Cane is grown for its foliage.


Marginata like bright light but not direct sunlight. They do not need water until their first two to three inches of soil are dry. You can spray the leaves so that they can gain some more humidity. They like this.


Warnekii have wide leaves that need wiping from time to time to keep the dust to a minimum. The Lemon Lime Warnekii has brilliant green stripes on the foliage. Warnekii do not need much water, wait until the top two to three inches of soil are dry before watering the plant again.



Rikki has highlighted yellow bands down the middle of its leaves. Rikki does not need to be watered until the top two to three inches of soil are dry. They are also fine in any light.

Janet Craig

Janet Craig has long leaves that taper. This plant does fine with lower light. Janet Craig likes to be kept on the dry side. This plant should be watered fully and thoroughly and any excess water should be removed from the base, saucer, or pot cover.

** Information taken from Dracaene.com **