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Cornus / Dogwood

cornus / dogwood

The flowers of shrub dogwoods are found in clusters of tiny white blossoms, rather than the big bold blooms of the tree species. However, most dogwood shrubs are grown as much (or more) for their fall and winter appearance, rather than the spring flower display. They are known for having colorful fall foliage and brightly colored stems that light up the garden in winter.

All dogwood shrubs love moist, rich soil. Although many are drought tolerant once established, they flourish in wet sites. In nature they are usually found growing at the edges of streams and other bodies of water. They are a great choice for an area of the garden with boggy soil. They are also quite shade tolerant, often found growing under large deciduous trees. Dogwood shrubs are very cold tolerant, but in hot places they tend to suffer unless they are planted in a location with afternoon shade.

Info taken from Garden Love to Know.

Ivory Halo® Dogwood

Height: 5 - 6 ft
Spread: 5 - 6 ft
Foliage:  Variegated olive green and white
Fall Foliage:  Insignificant purple
Zone: 3 - 7


Cornus alba 'Bailhalo'

A Bailey Nurseries introduction, this compact selection of variegated dogwood provides beautiful variegated foliage in summer and attractive red twigs in winter. Its finer textured, fuller, more compact form lends itself to use in smaller planting areas.


Accent planting, foundation plant, mass planting, wet sites, salty sites

Red Twig Dogwood

Cornus baileyi

Dogwood are extremely hardy shrubs for the northern landscape.  This excellent red stem dogwood that provides beautiful color in winter. Tiny insignificant flowers produce clusters of porcelain-blue fruits in mid summer. Shade tolerant. Very adaptable.


Accent planting, foundation plant, mass planting, wet sites, salty sites


Height: 8 - 10 ft
Spread: 8 - 10 ft
Foliage:  Rich Green
Fall Foliage:  Reddish Purple
Zone: 2 - 7