copenhagen market

Good for early market, home garden or kraut.

CABBAGE - LATE FLAT DUTCH - HEIRLOOM - 100 DAYS - 12 - 15 LB - 7641.jpg

late flat dutch

Introduced here in the US around the 1860’s, a very dependable variety with very large, solid, flat top heads weighing 12-15 lbs. Excellent flavor. Makes great sauerkraut. Heck one head can easily fill 28 jars. Keeps very well for processing. Maintains peak quality for months.

ruby perfection

F-1 Hybrid

Solid 6-8", 2-3 lbs. deep red heads. Few outer leaves. heavy yielding. Very flavorful and crisp. Good field holding ability. Ideal for smaller gardens or growing at closer spacing. Tasty and reliable. Slow to burst.

CABBAGE - STONEHEAD - F1 - AAS 1969 - 6 IN FRUIT - 7617.jpg


F-1 Hybrid

(All America Winner - 1969). Yellow resistant. About 6", very solid heads with a short core makes storage and spacing ideal. Slow to bolt.

*Information taken from Germania Seed Company*