Broccoli & Cauliflower

 broccoli / caulifower

BROCCOLI - CASTLE DOME - 75 DAYS - 4 - 5 IN - 7526.jpg

castle dome broccoli

Used primarily for extra early crown cuts in late spring or early summer. Compact plants have good holding ability and offer food heat tolerance as well as cold vigor. Uniform, medium green, heavy and deep domed heads have small, tight heads. Good tolerance to hollow stem and Brown Bead.

CAULIFLOWER - SNOW CROWN - 50 DAYS - F1 HYB - AAS 1975 - 2LB - 7551.jpg

snow crown cauliflower

(All America Winner - 1975.)

Early and vigorous growing snowball type. Head is well rounded, very smooth pure white, weighing about 2 lbs. and of excellent quality. Ideal for fresh or frozen market use.

*Information taken from Germania Seed Company*