Soil Composition

Many people come in asking us a variety of questions. “What’s a good tree to plant?” “Why can’t I get my tomatoes to grow?” Any number of questions that are similar to those.

Generally the conversation finds itself directed towards “What type of soil do you have?” When we ask that question, we are generally met with blank stares. Stares that seem to indicate “I thought dirt was dirt?”

Performing a soil composition test will be extremely helpful in figuring out what may need to be done to help you succeed with gardening in your outdoor space.

Download and print flyer with instructions for how to perform that test HERE.

Or just follow along on this blog post.

Clear Glass Container w/Lid
Soil Sample

Remove any large rocks or debris from your soil sample.  Fill your container half full with soil.  Fill the container with water and shake vigorously.  Allow to sit over a 24HR period.  After 24hrs the particles of soil will settle out in the following order; Sand first, Silt next, and Clay last. Determine your comp using the chart to the right.

Interpret your soil sample using the diagrams and soil triangle below.

Andrew Kuester