Amelanchier / Serviceberry (shrub)

aMELANCHIER / serviceberry (Juneberry)

Whether you call the Amelanchier by it's most common name of Serviceberry or one of it's more exotic names such as Saskatoon, Shadbush, Shadblow, Indian Pear, Juneberry or May Cherry, you'll fall in love with this northwest native plant.  It's a fine ornamental plant with sprightly flowers and delicious fruit. In Canada where it's usually called "Saskatoon Berry," the fruit is so much enjoyed the plant is grown commercially for the fruit.

Birds are particularly fond of this native. It is not unusual for a whole flock to alight on a Serviceberry when the fruit is ripe. They have quite a conversation as they noisily enjoy the fine berries, chatting and chirping and singing little trills. You might plant an extra shrub or two so there will be enough fruit to share. You won't want to miss out on a Serviceberry pie or some jam. Delicious! If you have enough berries, try a batch of homemade wine.

Height:  4 - 6 ft
Spread:  4 - 8 ft
Foliage:  Gray Green
Fall Foliage:  Yellow to Red
Zone:  2 - 7 


Regent Saskatoon Serviceberry

Amelanchier alnifolia 'Regent'

A nicely shaped shrub form of juneberry, this Regent cultivar is perhaps one of the hardiest shrubs we have available.  Large white flowers mature to dark purplish black fruit which is sweet.  These plants respond well to pruning and can be easily maintained as a shrub or hedge.  The fruits they produce can be picked and used to make sauces, jellies and pies.


Accent plant, hedge, mass planting