Care of Trees and Shrubs

Care of Trees and Shrubs



It’s becoming more and more routine for people to visit us and bring a branch, a leaf, or picture and ask “what’s wrong here?”. We are honored and proud to be a source of knowledge for your plant Q’s and problems. We also thought we’d attempt to educate those who might be interested in knowing and understanding what goes into the care of perennial plants (plants that grow from one season to another). We decided we’d host a workshop on this topic. We are offering several sessions of this topic this summer for the sake of convenience but you need only attend ONE of them. We hope you will join us! Please bring your questions, pictures, and challenges with you.

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This workshop/seminar is a MUST for every homeowner. Do you have trees, shrubs, or other perennial plants located on your property? Learn how to properly care for, prune, and maintain these items for best success. If you do not do the work yourself, you’ll still find a benefit in knowing HOW the work ought to be done. Below are just a few of the topics we’ll cover in this workshop.

  • The climate of the upper great plains. (ND and MT) and the soil we try to grow in.

  • The differences of trees, shrubs, and perennials.

  • Scouting for pests and disease problems in various plants.

  • Identifying basic plant physiology (plant parts) will help us in identification as well as maintenance and care.

  • Hands on pruning of trees and shrubs. (We’ll walk around the nursery and observe challenges in branching and what should be done to correct them)