Miniature Gardening - 4H

Miniature Gardening - 4H



Whether it's an interest in fairy gardening or terrariums.  Open or closed containers, we'll talk about what's involved in making these unique creations for indoors.  We'll have many container styles and plants to choose from for you to create your very own fairy garden or terrarium to take home.

**This is a great class for younger students.**

Your registration fee will include everything needed to make a project.

The fee includes these items:

  • A container provided by Handy Andy’s Nursery

  • Soil to fill the container

  • Your choice of 3 plants from a selection of choices

  • ONE figurine (from a selection) that can be added to your project.

You may choose a different container. You may purchase more than one figurine. Choices such as those will be your responsibility.

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The topic that allows you to explore worlds within worlds! Unleash your creativity! In this workshop, we'll explore the concepts of miniature, terrarium, and Fairy Gardening. We'll focus on the care and design of these various table top creations.

**The registration fee for this workshop will cover your soil and basic materials needed to make a project** 

You may choose to bring some of your own materials if you wish.