Fall Forage Frame

Fall Forage Frame


The season of fall means harvesting! There are lots of natures bounty that you can find to do things with, right in your own backyard. Register for this workshop and we’ll show you just one of many things you can do with fall items. This Fall Forage Frame will decorate your home each fall, year after year!

Sat NOV 3RD session from 10am to 1pm

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The season of fall means “change”. As plants begin to think about going to sleep for winter there are all manner of items in nature that lend themselves to preserving and use in decorating. The use of “naturals” has always been a trendy way to decorate your home. Join us for this workshop and we’ll provide a selection of great items that we’ve “foraged” from our grounds and beyond to help you create your own set of Fall Frames.

You may bring some of your own materials if you wish but all materials will be included in the registration fee.

Spend some time on a nature walk as a family and find some of the following;
Dried Blooms
There is really no limit to what can be used!

Registration fee includes two unfinished 5x5” wooden frames. Opportunity to stain or paint them from a selection of colors, and the materials to go in them.

**We will be using hot glue guns to fix the items into the frame so care will be needed.**